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Whether you're a parent or a professional, we hope that our work provides you with an opportunity to reflect, grow and learn more about yourself, especially in relation to the children in your life. We have purposely created a simplistic and tangible approach with you in mind. 

We love our work. We love when parents learn, grow and gain confidence in themselves. It is rewarding for us to watch families open themselves to new ways of learning and practice. 

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Robin and Jacqueline have combined over 35 years working with professionals and parents clinically and have provided over 300 training sessions both locally and nationally on a wide array of topics relating to parenting strategies and raising resilient children through goal directed parenting. Their approach to purposeful parenting has helped hundreds of parents develop plans that are unique to their families, as well as gain confidence in their parenting strategies and help raise healthy and successful young people.

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of the parents
— Jane D. Hull

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“As an educator, I see many parents struggle to connect with their children and understand their child's emotions and behavior. This workbook is a wonderful guide for parents who are looking for specific strategies to build balanced relationships with their children through more effective parenting practices”


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