Opportunities to Engage

We offer many training opportunities for parents and practitioners, as well as, professional training within the community and nationally.

Continuing Education

It is our responsibility to stay up-to-date with current research and advances in our field, so that we can practice with confidence and treatments that have the best science behind them. Furthermore, our center is devoted to continuing education, providing supervision and training.

Provided in our office or onsite at your location

  • Professional Training
  • School Consultation
  • Individual and Group Supervision
  • Clinical and Substance Abuse Screenings

We have been providing presentations, materials and training to numerous schools and conferences for the past ten years. Some of the associations we have partnered with are as follows:

  • The American Council for School Social Work
  • Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education
  • Illinois Association of School Social Workers
  • Illinois Board of Education
  • McHenry County Behavioral Healthcare Network Continuing Education Program
  • Naperville Medical Board
  • National Center for School Engagement
  • National Dropout Prevention Center
  • Parents Matter Too
  • And Many More...

Topics Include:

  • Assessment and Intervention Strategies for Children and Adolescents Struggling with School Refusal/School Anxiety
  • Raising Resiliency in Children
  • Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) Treatment techniques and applications
  • Mental Health Trends and Adolescents
  • Family Interventions: Tools Available for Clinical Settings
  • Parenting with a Plan
  • Eating Disorders and Athletes
  • And Much More....

To request a presentation please email successfulparentingplan@gmail.com.